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"Between the hill of individual life and the region of the Universal, there is the flooded river of Nature, with all its confusions and complexities. It is difficult to discover where it comes from, how it accumulates all that uproar and where it ultimately ends. But fortunately, we have in every human community, BRIDGE-builders, who help people to cross" - Sri Sathya Sai Baba

We, at Sathya Sai Center of Bridgewater, New Jersey, strive to be worthy instruments of Sai while attempting to be the bridge-builders by engaging in selfless service and by practicing and propagating the five human values: Truth, Peace, Right Conduct, Love and Non-Violence.

Swami also says: "Service to man is service to God". Man is not merely a human being, he is the embodiment of Divinity. He encourages all to engage in selfless service recognizing the divinity in everyone and realizing the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God.

Our website BRIDGETOSAI.ORG emphasizes on these aspects and provides a bridge, a medium for its members to come together and learn about Swami's teachings, derive joy from various center activities, cultivate moral values in their children and above all, share their reverence and devotion towards the eternal source of all Bliss, Power, Love and Glory that is Sai.

With immense love and devotion, we dedicate at the Lotus feet of our beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, our center, this BRIDGE to SAI that we attempt to construct By Recognizing the Inherent Divinity and Goodness in Everyone!

"Bridges" to Spiritual Progress - Quotes by Swami
Mission of Sai

"When dharma declines or rather, when those who have a duty to regulate their lives according to dharma lose faith in it, then, its restoration cannot be taken up by all and sundry. A broken bridge on a highway cannot be set right by amateur skill and the momentary enthusiasm of the villagers around. The very authority which laid down the road and planned the BRIDGE has to initiate repair. The Lord has come again on this Mission; He has collected the engineers and contractors and the labor for the purpose. He is now set on the task".

Religion as the bridge

"For the consummation of human evolution, and the realization by man of his highest goal, religion and spiritual discipline are very essential. Religion is the link between the individual and the Universe, between Jeeva and Deva. If that does not exist life becomes chaos. A cow caught on a hill wanting to go to the hill opposite, but confronted with a flooded river in between, needs a BRIDGE between the two. That is what religion is. We may have more than one BRIDGE, but the purpose of each is the same".

Education as the bridge

"For students and other members of society, education should be a kind of social ideal. It should constitute a BRIDGE on which you should walk to reach your goal. If this BRIDGE of education is not built with sufficient strength, it will be harmful to the individual. The students should take the road of reorganization and endow education with the strength it needs. By developing prejudicial attitudes and maintaining attachments, we are not going to derive happiness from our actions. It is only by developing a correct vision of things that we will be able to derive happiness. Today's education is aimed at giving those who go through it an amount of temporary happiness, temporary beauty and temporary pleasure. The conduct of students of today is not controlled in any manner. Principles of education that do not connect the students with their parents will bring unhappiness to all of us in the future. One of the essential facets of Indian culture is to recognize the mother and father as equivalent of God. If we do not deserve the love of our mother and of our father, from whom else can we ask for such affection? We should therefore develop attitudes by which we can promote such love and respect. It is only when you are able to respect your parents, will your children respect you, in future, when you become fathers and mothers".

Discipline as the bridge

"To cross safely the flood of "Birth-Death-Continuum", the BRIDGE called Nishta or discipline of an unflinching kind is essential. It must be sturdy, a safe BRIDGE or else you will fall into the raging waters and be drawn into the sea, infested with the sharks: Lust and Anger. See how great heroes like Prahalada did not lose their hold on the Lord, in spite of heavy odds. Prahalada never gave up the repetition of the Name of the Lord, though he was tortured, twisted and burnt. One must have that determination and faith".

Love of Sai as the bridge

"My love for you is for your own sake and not for the sake of the world. My love is the bond that links you and me. It is like a BRIDGE that connects the OmniSelf and the individual Self."

Love and Compassion as the bridge

"Unless you have love, you cannot claim kinship with the votaries of God; mere ritualistic exactitude or pompous adoration, or loud acclamation will not entitle you to enter the portals of Go-loka! They are as tin and trash before the treasure-chest of love. Love is the BRIDGE which helps passage from birth to death to deathlessness, from death to birthlessness. When you rise from the jeeva-sense to the Dheva-sense (human-ness to God-ness), then, there is no more birth or death. Liberation happens when you love every being so intensely that you are aware of only ONE. Soak your heart in love, soak your acts in righteousness, soak your emotions in compassion; then you attain God soonest".

Bhagavatham (Spiritual texts) as the bridge

"Truly, the Bhagavatham illustrates the intimate relation between God and His devotees. It is the BRIDGE between the Lord and devotees. Four requisites are absolutely essential to understand and practice the message of the Bhagavatham. First, give up bad company. It is not enough to merely leave bad company. The company of the wise and pious is necessary. Third, perform sacred deeds day and night, ceaselessly. Discriminate between the ephemeral and the eternal. Discrimination is essential in every action. "Is it good or bad, right or wrong?" Such inquiry must be exercised to the limit of our intellectual capacity. First discriminate, then follow what is good. What is meant by "good"? Good means eternal. Give up the transient".

Atma Sakthi (Power of Atma) as the bridge

"Birth and Death are two high cliffs between which the River of Life flows. The Force of Atmic Faith (Atma Sakthi) is the BRIDGE that spans the chasm and for those who have developed that Force and Faith, floods are of no concern. With Atma Sakthi as their safe support, they can reach the other bank, braving all dangers".

Pranava Mantra OM as the bridge

"The supreme meaning of human birth is the realization of one's true nature. Self-realization is the path to immortality. Man's life is a BRIDGE between this world and the Divine. The language of Pranava (OM) is the only medium for conversing with the Aathma (Divine Self)".

Mind as the bridge

"The mind can act as a BRIDGE leading man from the tangible to the intangible, from the personal to the impersonal. Cleanse the mind and mould it into an instrument for loving thoughts, for expansive ideas. Cleanse the tongue and use it for fostering fearlessness and friendship. Cleanse the hands; let them desist from injury and violence. Let them help and lead, heal and guide. This is the highest saadhana (spiritual practice)".

Humanity as the bridge

"Both the celestial cow and the wish-fulfilling tree exist in man. Humanity is a BRIDGE between the visible and the invisible. Since man is positioned in the middle state between the two entities, he is known as 'Martya.' Our life is a consequence of the unseen effects of our action".

Life as the bridge

"Life is a BRIDGE over the sea of change; pass over it, but do not build a house on it".

World as the bridge

"Utilize the world as the means to an end; do not desire to stay on it. It is a caravanserai, where you can rest awhile during your pilgrimage to the Source. It is a BRIDGE, wide and strongly built; can any pilgrim build a house thereon for himself? The Cosmos is changing constantly. The minutes that are past cannot be retrieved even if tempted by a billion rupees. The past is not ours any more; the present slips from our grasp; the future is uncertain. You come naked into the world; you go out of it, without informing the survivors of the address where you can be contacted. In spite of this, attachment grows and you cultivate bonds. This is the great illusion".
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