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Study Circle

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"Study circle means taking a point and each person discussing what is the meaning of the point to them, like a round-table conference. Each person gives their point of view, and finally values are derived from this. If there is just reading, there is doubt. But if each one gives his view, doubts will be answered. The topic is viewed; the study circle looks at different facets. It is like a diamond with its different facets, but there is one facet that is flat, the top facet, and from this all can be viewed. To discover the top facet is the task of the study circle." - Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Study Circle takes place weekly as part of our regular weekly program from 1:45 PM - 5:15 PM on Sundays. During this regular weekly program, Study Circle is usually conducted from 3:00 PM to 3:45 PM (Please click here to check the location and timings of our next weekly program).

During this study circle, Teachings of Sri Sathya Sai Baba and other spiritual teachers, spiritual truths of all religions and spiritual experiences of participants are discussed. Several tools and techniques for practicing these spiritual concepts are also explored.

Study circle is a part of Devotion Wing and is an integral part of all Sai Center and Group activities. These are not forums for debate and controversies, but training ground for a number of important communication and listening skills, in gaining self-confidence, in fostering values, in cooperation, in turning knowledge into wisdom and clarifying our spiritual objectives.

Baba tells us that the goal of life cannot be got by reading books alone.
It cannot be cultivated by reading guide books and made-easies, and learning steps by rote. It has to begin with a great yearning for the Light, an unbearable agony to escape from the Darkness
Study circles provide the opportunity for Satsang (the company of like minded spiritual seekers), to listen to other points of view, have reflection, obtain wisdom and integrate insights gained into daily life.

Learn more about Study circles

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