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Mahila(Ladies) Wing
"Women devotees, if they have the enthusiasm and support, can start Mahila Sathsangs not only for Bhajans and study of sacred texts and books, but for service of women. Go among the poor in the slums and spread light and joy therein. Gather the helpless girls and try to provide them with some means of honourable livelihood. Sweeten their lives with bhajan and the Saadhana of japa and dhyaana. Women too have a right to know that they are the Aaathma, encased in human form, and they too can tap the strength, the joy and the peace that the Aathma holds. Inculcate in them the prayer habit; that will cleanse the mind of all impurities, and make God shine in His full splendour." - Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Mahila (ladies) Wing of the Bridgewater Sai Center commenced its operation recently in 2009. The vision and objective of the wing is:
  • To promote and enhance the spiritual nature inherent in women.
  • To do service activities together as ladies group.
  • To develop love and understanding between the ladies, which will promote unity & harmony in the center.

Who can become an active member of the Ladies Group?

Membership within the Ladies Wing can be attained by any of the ladies who are already general members within the center, and who are interested and enthusiastic about being involved with such a dynamic and talented group of women.

Why become an active member of the Ladies Group?

By joining the Ladies Wing, the members of the group develop a closer sisterly bond with each other, which in turn, allows them to develop a support system for each other, learn from one another, and to be able to work better as a cohesive and valuable wing of the center when called upon to do so by the center.

What are the activities of the Ladies Wing?

The members of the Ladies Wing assist the center in: cooking and serving food to the needy, assisting with the SSE classes every Sunday at the center, coordinating the food preparations for all of the center's special occasions, conducting workshops within the center periodically, knitting clothes for babies etc. and are the backbone for many of the other activities of the center.

If you like to know more about our ladies wing, please email to

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