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Center Library

Guide to books on Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Descriptions on selected books
List of Library Books/DVDs/CDs
"Do not waste your time in reading voluminous books, thinking that such books will help you in acquiring great knowledge. One should read such books, which will help in the contemplation on the divine name. Do not be satisfied with acquiring mere bookish knowledge. Such knowledge is only a superficial knowledge." - Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Where do you start acquiring knowledge of spirituality other than by reading spiritual books of great teachers and saints. It is hoped that by acquiring such knowledge the aspirant will then strive to acquire the knowledge of Self. In fact it is one of Baba's Nine Point Code of Conduct which is a guidance for spiritual and personal development. Code number 6 says "Regular study of Sathya Sai Baba literature".

However this should not mean that only books about Sai Baba must be studied. Needless to say all Sai aspirants are expected to study the life and teachings of Sai Baba. However, the literature of all the great religions and saints and other spiritual texts should also be part of our reading material.

In short 'Sai' literature should be seen as literature that helps provide spiritual awakening and inspiration. The regular study refers, not merely to individual study, but also participation in 'Study Circles' organized by the Center. Aspirants are encouraged to share their knowledge with other aspirants who may have a lower level of understanding of spirituality so that all may benefit with the knowledge.

Listening, reflecting/digesting and putting into practice the message gained in the study of spiritual literature are the three stages which can assist our spiritual development. It is thus not the quantity of knowledge you absorb, but the quality and the degree you reflect and integrate the message into your life, that is critical.

With this in mind our center library has a small collection of books, DVDs and CDs for aspirants and students who wish to progress further in their spiritual endeavor.

Center Library operates as part of our regular weekly program from 3:00 PM - 6:15 PM on Sundays. Members can borrow and return books during this regular weekly program. Usually the books can be kept for one week and should be returned promptly as per the center library regulations. More information can be obtained at the center. (Please click here to check the location and timings of our next weekly program).


Please click here for a list of books/DVDs/CDs available at the library. Not all of them are always available at the center during weekly program. It would be a good idea to send an email to the librarian in advance requesting a specific book from the list so that we can make this book available (if no one else has already borrowed it) during your next visit.

Library cards

Membership cards are issued to all members. This card must be presented at the time of borrowing books. If you are already a member and do not have a membership card, please contact us.

Sai Bookstore

A variety of Sai Literature can be purchased from Sathya Sai Book Center of USA.

Electronic Books

For a list of Electronic Books and Journals/Newsletters, please visit our E-Books section.


Guide to books on Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Descriptions on selected books
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