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Parental Involvement in SSE
Swami's Quotes on cultivating good habits in children
Swami's Quotes on Parenting
Swami's Words on what parents can do
Parent feedback form
"To instill in the minds of young the values of prayer and of the humility and loving service to others, the homes where they have grown have to be the first schools. The parents have to be imbued with faith in the basic truths of this Universal Religion" - Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Parent's involvement in SSE is essential with respect to following:
  • Communication Channel - mutual support
  • Enhance, Reinforce the learning
  • Strong Family - active participation
  • Parenting Practice
  • Parents reinforce the goals and objectives of SSE Program at home
  • Regular Meetings to check the progress

Teacher's request to parents

  • Please take your time to check with your child about what they learned in the class
  • We love to have Parent Advisors to strengthen the Program
  • Studies show that public school teachers have the child 17% of the time, SSE teachers 1%, and parents the remaining 82% of the time
  • SSE material is only effective if the parents support the teacher and willing to reinforce the teachings at home

Parent's role in SSE

  • Call the teacher if a child to be absent. Try to catch up with the material covered in the missed class by talking to the teacher.
  • Enhance and reinforce the SSE materials at home
  • Please feel free to indicate if improvements are needed (We need your input)
  • Feel free to arrange time to act as a parent helper for your child's class
  • Help SSE Teachers with materials, or interesting / inspiring stories, or arranging field trips, or as a Parent Advisor for the module in choosing the appropriate topics for the classes, or in Eashwaramma Day, or in certain group activities, or in arranging some guest speakers to inspire all the children, etc.
  • Parents are major inspiration when it comes to practicing the contents of the class. Have educative sessions or a mini study circles often with the children at home so that the class material is reinforced.
  • Children gain a lot by attending this program regularly
    • They will gain good friends
    • They inspire and motivate each other to go inward
    • Relationships developed with the teachers can translate into relationships with parents
    • They will remember things from peers
    • They learn Silent Sitting to channel their energies
  • Please establish and ensure a two-way communication channel with the SSE teachers by direct interaction, phone calls or e-mails.
Parent Feedback

Swami often says that for the SSE program to be successful, parents and teachers should work together with the child. Please take a few minutes and give us your feedback using this feedback form. We value your input for this important process of aiding your child's progress and this will also help us improve the program. You can bring the filled feedback form to the Center or email us at  

Parents should consider taking the following oath:

As the parent(s) of a child (children) attending the Sai Spiritual Education Class, I will:

  • Ensure regular and timely attendance to the classes and groups activities.
  • Take a personal interest in what the child is taught in the class and will assist the teacher in reinforcing the benefits of each class between classes.
  • See that my child wears appropriate and modest clothes to class.
  • Encourage my child to practice daily prayer, silent sitting, and devotional singing between classes at home.
  • Regulate my child’s friends to ensure that he or she keeps good company.
  • Attend the meetings and functions arranged by the teachers, including parent group meetings.
  • Cooperate with the teacher if she or he should make a home visit and, if needed, when solving problems pertaining to my child.

Because I (we) recognize the importance of regular attendance in order of my (our) child children) to receive the maximum benefit from the Sai Spiritual Education program, I will ensure that my child (children) attends the classes, group activities and service projects regularly and on time.

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