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Veda Practice
"A cow caught on a hill, wanting to go to the hill opposite, but confronted with a flooded river in between, needs a BRIDGE between the two. That is what religion is...he bridge built by the sages and seers of India is known as the Sanathana Dharma bridge. It is called so because it is an eternal, everlasting bridge based on the ageless foundation of the Vedas, and can be reliably used by all, in all countries, at all times." - Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Swami says "A regular study of the Vedas and practice of Vedic injunctions confer all forms of wealth on the human beings. The fundamental principles governing human life and destiny are contained in the Vedas. The Vedas are the gift of God for the welfare of the entire humanity. The Vedas make no distinction whatsoever on the basis of religion, caste, nationality, etc. The Veda mantras can be chanted by one and all. It is Swami's wish that the Vedas shall be spread to every country, so that every human being irrespective of religion, caste, nationality, etc., learns Vedas and chants them."

Veda means knowledge. The word comes from the Sanskrit language and is derived from the verb root vid, 'to know'. Originally the Vedas were composed in Sanskrit. They manifest the Divine Word in human speech. They reflect into human language the language of the Gods, the Divine powers that have created us and which rule over us.

Swami says: "The Vedas have emphasized that man will be truly human only when he lives up to human values and practices the good life. Many who chant the Vedas these days have difficulty in understanding their purport. When they fully understand the meaning and chant the mantras, they will derive greater joy. Only then they will experience the full sacredness and potency of the Vedas. The Vedas have a universal outlook, embracing all that is noble and sacred. They have taught the principle of samatwa (equality) in respect of everything. They have proclaimed the concept of oneness. They taught men to face joy and sorrow with equal serenity.

Those who utter the mantras today do not grasp their inner meaning. Even if the full meaning of a single mantra is understood, it will be sufficient. Every day, the santhi mantra is recited: "Om Sahanavavathu; sahanau bhunaktu; sahaviryam karavaavahai." What does this signify? "Let us move together in unison. Let us live in harmony in communion with each other." What a wide vision is present in this mantra! Even such broad-minded mantras have been interpreted in a narrow sense in later years. Hence you do not find today even a thousandth of the sense of equality and amity which prevailed in those times. It is because men's attitudes and feelings have declined below the human level that so many divisive forces have cropped up".

Read more at "Value in Vedas" from Sathya Sai Vahini

Veda Practice in our Center

Veda practice sessions are conducted on regular basis on Sundays usually at 1:30 PM as part of the regular weekly program. For more information, please contact our Center President
Veda Resources

A collection of Veda mantras, lessons and audio/video are provided at our "Prayers and Mantras" section.
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